Comment left on Yelp, May 5, 2011

August 10, 2012

We employed Dana Hollish Hill to help us find a home in Northern Virginia. Dana was tenacious, both in attempting to find home that met our needs, and in dealing with predatory Real Estate Agents and Brokers. Because she worked only for us, we always felt she was working in our best interest and was on our side.

Dana knew the market and market practices and shenanigans and was ready for all of them. We always felt we were getting the straight scoop on things and felt she was an ally as we zeroed in on our final home purchase. We ultimately found our dream home in a great neighborhood for our kids.

Today, I tell people if they want a guaranteed “good experience” finding a new home, go with Buyer’s Edge. Our brother-in-law highly recommended their service after having a good experience as they helped find HIS dream home as well. I’m glad he told us about their service. They were great. I bought my first home using a Real Estate agent, but decided to try the buyer’s agent route this time around and had a much better experience as a result.

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