Who Is Dana?

…a long time resident in the area
I have lived in the DC Metropolitan area since 1988 when I moved to DC to attend The George Washington University. I loved it here and stayed. Throughout the years, I have lived in DC, Virginia and Maryland. I’ve commuted, reverse commuted, commuted by metro, by bus, by foot and by bike. If you want to live and work in the DC Metropolitan Area, let’s talk.

…a wife and mother
At home I have a husband, Doug, and two daughters, Parker and Miranda. I am a basketball, soccer, swimming and Girl Scout Cookie mom. If you want to know all about schools, nannies, parks, sports and music programs, playgrounds and community pools, we should talk.

…an experienced real estate professional
When I bought my first home and began to hear about the wide variety of real estate experiences my friends, family and colleagues were having, I realized the importance of finding the very best real estate professional for the job. I decided to become one myself. Ask my clients how I’ve helped them buy their dream homes.

Dana Hollish