Top 10 Best Home Inspectors in the DC Metro Area

I’ve worked with remarkable home inspectors and a few who were not so stellar. Here is my list of the best home inspectors in the DMV.

Why are these the best home inspectors? They made my list because they are thorough, emphasize the important systems and safety concerns, and educate buyers about their new home and the maintenance required of homeowners.

There are a lot of good home inspectors in the DC Metropolitan area, including Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. These are the best home inspectors according to my clients, and based on my experiences. You’ll notice I’ve indicated in which jurisdictions each inspector is licensed, and provided a link to their websites so you can see if they have any specialties that may be particularly important in the property you’d like to inspect.

Not sure who to use? Give me a call and I’ll tell you who I think might be the best match for you and your inspection needs.

Dana Hollish Hill

Bob Murphy, Camelot Home Inspections Inc.
855.312.9472 – DC/MD/VA

Bobby Mayberry, RPM Home Inspections LLC
703.554.3906 – Only VA

Rose Buckley, USInspect
240.215.3594 – MD Only

Dan Blum, Integrity Home Inspections
202.829.9099 – DC/MD/VA

Dan Deist, Top to Bottom Service, LLC.
301.938.9100 0 DC/MD/VA

ProTec Inspection Services
301.972.8531 or 703.777.5048 – DC/MD/VA

Home Inspections Inc.
703.560.3335 – DC/MD/VA

Brad Strange, Guardian Home Inspections
202.829.9099 – DC/MD/VA

A to Z Inspection Service
301.916.2811 – DC/MD/VA

Stephanie A. Bowman, Bowman Home Inspections
301.233.8578 – DC/MD/VA

If you utilize the services of one of these home inspectors, please tell them Dana Hollish Hill sent you, and then let me know what you thought of the service they provided.