Watch Your Speed On Bradley Boulevard

November 26, 2013

As we enter the holiday season, it’s also the time of year for holiday parties. You may want to take extra caution if you’re trying to rush home before or after one of these fun-filled events, especially if you are traveling on Bradley Boulevard.

Three new speed cameras have been installed on Bradley Boulevard between Huntington Parkway and Goldsboro Road. In case you haven’t noticed them yet, I’ve listed them for you so you can slow down to the lovely 30 MPH speed posted on this stretch. You will notice that the speed limit signs have new “photo enforced” signs attached to the speed limit sign.

Eastbound Speed Camera

If you are heading toward downtown Bethesda on Bradley there is a speed camera to your right just after you pass Huntington Parkway on your left. It is set up to catch eastbound speeders. Be careful because I know that traffic backs up there and when you finally break free and the light turns green you want to move quickly around the bend.

Westbound Speed Cameras

If you are leaving downtown Bethesda on Bradley heading west, there are two new speed traps set up to catch westbound speeders. They are located on the stretch of road between Goldsboro and Wilson.

The first speed camera is just before Devon Road, right after Cornish Road on your right and Beam Court on your left. It is out in the open and easy to see, but it looks similar to the numerous utility boxes along this stretch of road so you may not notice it until it’s too late.

The second is a bit further down on near Oldchester Road. This one looks like three silver boxes stacked on top of each other. But be warned that it is a speed camera as well.

I hope that this information about the new speed cameras helps you avoid getting a speeding ticket when driving on one of Bethesda’s pretty, wooded roads. And I hope you have a safe holiday season!

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2 thoughts on “Watch Your Speed On Bradley Boulevard”

  1. As I was driving in today I saw the flashing lights as a car raced toward me. So, the speed cameras are working. Be careful.

  2. Tim says:

    While visiting family in Bethesda, I jogged on Bradley between Fernwood and Oldchester Rd. On Tuesday, I noticed a white van parked on the shoulder with “Men Working” signs behind it. On Wednesday (Jan 1, 2014) there was a brand new traffic camera snapping pictures!! I may or may not have stood in front of the camera lens while it tried to snap a picture, and I may or may not have gestured to oncoming traffic to be aware of the camera.

    Why anyone would want to live in the George Orwell dystopia of Bethesda is beyond me. Besides the traffic cameras, the wealth flaunting is relentless and sickening. I grew up in a decently well-to-do family (dad was a dentist) but the ostentatious displays of [real or imaginary] wealth in Bethesda is troubling. C’est la vie. Money can’t buy class.

    Oh, BTW. I’m 15th generation American, I’m proud to be an American, and I drive American cars. All I saw in Bethesda were foreign luxury cars. Why does everyone in the capital of the UNITED STATES drive a foreign luxury car?

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