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Is it Spring Market Yet?

May 31, 2014

In late January/early February I took an informal poll in my office and asked all of the agents what they were experiencing so far in 2014. There was an overwhelming feeling that we were already in a full blown spring market. As snow continued to fall throughSnowy houseout February I began to feel that the momentum was lost.

After a second informal poll around the office, I heard an overwhelming question from all agents. Where is the inventory? I’ve got buyers and nothing to show them. I have to admit, that was exactly what I was experiencing as well. My buyers were frustrated with the lack of quality inventory. It was clear that many of the properties on the market were not really prepared to be on the market. They were quickly thrown on the market due to some kind of circumstance or situation.

As the weather started to warm-up, so did the market and buyers were out in full force. Properties spanning the range of “ready for market” to “hard to show” were receiving multiple offers. The second house selling in a neighborhood was coming up before the first house actually sold so appraisal questions were still lingering.

Now we are just a few short weeks away from school getting out and summer break beginning. I still have people asking me if we are in Spring Market. So the answer is YES.

Dana Hollish Hill

I have buyers who know that we are in a Spring Market and are ready to buy. Please put your house on the market so my buyers have something good to purchase. Before you do, read these two blogs: I’m Having A Hard Time Selling Your Home and Biggest Mistakes Sellers Make. They offer good tips and advice to home sellers based on feedback from recent buyers. I recommend you take these tips seriously.

If you are looking to purchase a home in the DC Metropolitan DC Area, including Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia, give me a call to Get Started. 


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