Post Super Bowl Anticipation

February 2, 2015

I know many people watch football all season and hope to see their favorite team make it to the play-offs and then the big game – The Super Bowl. I am not one of those people. For me, watching sports involves watching my daughters’ basketball and soccer games and practices several times each week. This weekend there were 7 basketball games and one soccer practice on our calendar. That is enough sports for one family.

Even though I don’t pay much attention to football and didn’t care which team ended up as the Champions, I felt the anticipation as Super Bowl Sunday got closer and closer. This anticipation was built up by the early release of new Super Bowl ads which I watched online before the Big Game. This year, a former classmate of mine, Jody Bardin, was in one of the Super Bowl ads for Skittles. He’s the guy in the plaid shirt in front of the car and the guy who drops the dishes behind the counter in the restaurant. I was looking forward to seeing his latest acting gig and I thought he did a great job.


Super Bowl anticipation builds with discussions and speculations about the half-time show and how it might out-do the previous half-time shows. Bruno Mars created an exciting show last year and Beyonce was pretty amazing the year before that. Katy Perry, along with Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliot, a moving gold tiger and several costume changes really delivered an entertaining show that if nothing else, impressed my daughters.

Post Super Bowl Anticipation

I look forward to the weekend after the Super Bowl. In the DC Metropolitan Area, this weekend marks the beginning of the spring market when we start to see an increase in the inventory of Active Listings. Of course, the results from today’s groundhog will impact the timing as well. We won’t see a huge increase in inventory if there is snow on the ground or hail falling from the sky. People like to sell their homes when they look their best and when visitors will not track mud into their home.

At Buyer’s Edge, we have several buyers who are eagerly waiting for the spring market to bring a fresh inventory of  homes to the market. Even though these buyers are actively house hunting, they have that Post Super Bowl Anticipation. As the weather improves and we begin to see the harbingers of spring, our buyers will be pre-approved and ready to buy.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, but aren’t sure how to select an agent, check out our Tips for Selecting a Listing Agent. If you are thinking about buying a home in the DC Metropolitan Area, give me a call to Get Started.

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