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Yes. Spring Market is upon us.

March 23, 2015

On my drive into work today I heard a report on the radio about the reasons sellers are reluctant to put their homes on the market. The expert said that many homeowners have recently refinanced and are staying put in order to build up the equity in their homes. Whatever the reason may be, the agents at Buyer’s Edge have dozens of buyers waiting for homes to come on the market. And these buyers are pre-approved and ready to buy.

Each year we have this little pause in the spring market photomarket where buyers are ready to buy, but sellers are waiting to buy before they sell. This results in a low inventory of properties so demand is higher than supply. This year snow has been a major factor in the DC Metropolitan Area. How many people want potential buyers tracking snow into their clean and ready-to-show home? Not many. Many of the homes that have come on the market are vacant.

So when does the real estate market kick into gear? NOW. Yes. Spring market is upon us. Ask any local real estate agent what they did this weekend and I bet they were out showing homes or holding Open Houses.

So if you’ve been waiting for the spring to put your home on the market and you’re not sure who would be the best agent to list your home, give us a call at Buyer’s EdgeWe will recommend a great listing agent for you to contact.

If you are interested buying a home in the DC Metropolitan Area, give me a call to Get Started.

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