Eating in Bethesda on a Cold Autumn Day

November 17, 2014

You know that first really cold day of Autumn? The day that the sun is shining, but it’s cold and windy and it gives you a chill that you haven’t had in a long time.  It’s likely that you wore a coat to work or school, but the hat and gloves you probably should have worn are Shoyu Ramen from Satsumastill packed away from last winter.

Well, it was that day. The day that as a child, your mom would have made you a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

When my co-worker asked if any of us knew where we could get Pho or Ramen nearby, I was up for the challenge. He suggested Satsuma, a Japanese restaurant located around the corner from our office. We got our coats and braved the cold.

When we arrived a Satsuma, we were quickly seated and offered Curry Tonkotsu Ramen from Satsumadrinks. We already knew what we wanted, but they offered a wide variety of options. I had been there once years ago for the BBQ that you grill at your own table, but that was on the other side of the restaurant.

Dave ordered Shoyu Ramen and I ordered Curry Tonkotsu Ramen. Each meal came with a side salad with Miso dressing which as pretty good. Then came the Ramen. We didn’t think about this beforehand, but eating noodles can be a little messy. We did our best not to splash each other, but had a really nice warm lunch. And it really did cut the chill.

SatsumaIf you’re in Bethesda and looking for a warm bowl of Ramen, give Satsuma a try. It’s located at the corner of Norfolk Avenue and Del Ray Avenue in Bethesda. The address is 8003 Norfolk Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland 20814. I hope to see you there.

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