Now is Not the Time to Pause Your Home Search

February 17, 2023

Yes. Interest rates are higher than when you were house hunting last year. Do you remember last year? When you were bidding way above the list price, removing all your buyer protections, including inspections and appraisals? That wasn’t fun and you didn’t end up buying a home. It wore you out and you wanted to take a break. I understand. It wasn’t fun. For you, or for me. But now is not the time to pause your home search.

Interest rates have come down a bit and we are currently in a market with a lot less competition. Sellers are seeing their homes sit a bit longer and they are more open to the idea of concessions. Whether they help buy down your rate, or allow you some cash for repairs, sellers are negotiating. Right now. But it won’t last.

It's time to press play on your home search

Once the Spring Market hits full swing this year, it’s going to be a sellers market again. Spring market usually starts a few weeks after the Super Bowl. So…very soon. If you are still thinking about buying a home, now is not the time to pause your home search. It’s time to resume your home search! It’s time to PRESS PLAY.

Do the math. Your lender says you can’t afford as much as you were going to spend last year. Do you remember how much you were bidding over list price? Wouldn’t it be nice to spend less, even if interest rates are a little bit higher?

Let’s talk.

We’ll do the math together. Let’s keep looking for the home of your dreams. If you look now you may even get a home inspection or closing costs as a bonus.

It’s YOUR MOVE! Give me a Call at 202.271.5301 to GET STARTED!

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