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Eating in Potomac – Brooklyn’s Deli

January 9, 2014

After one of my daughter’s recent soccer games, a few friends invited us to go out for breakfast and suggested Brooklyn’s Deli. They were shocked when I said I hadn’t been Brooklyn Deli's Matzoh Ball Soupthere before. I’m always excited to try a new deli, but I’m often disappointed. My friends assured me that even as a former New Jersey resident, I would be pleasantly surprised.

There were eight of us so I thought we would have trouble getting seating at brunch time, but the people at Brooklyn’s were able to get us setup quickly. Already pleasantly surprised.

There are several dishes I would like to try before writing a review of a deli, but it was breakfast time and I love breakfast foods so I was curious to see what everyone at our table was eating.

My oldest daughter has become a big fan of matzoh ball soup. She and I have fun taste- testing it at delis around town and when she ordered it she looked at me and said, “yes, you can try it.” It came out and was much larger than we expected. It included carrots, celery and Brooklyn Deli's Turkey Clubnoodles. The matzoh ball was hot all the way through and very flavorful. We gave it a thumbs up.

Her friend ordered a turkey club which my daughter ordered as well. She couldn’t believe that she could get a sandwich that big with turkey AND BACON.  It’s now a new favorite of hers.

It was hard for me to decide what to eat, but decided on the Spanish Omelette by Jesus which includes spicy homemade tomato sauce, peppers, onion, and celery. It was really good. Two other people, who had been to Brooklyn’s Deli before ordered the greek omelette with extra spinach. It was really good as well. The omelettes came with toast or a bagel and home fries. I recommend asking for the home fries well done because they came out a pretty light.

I know what you’re thinking. How can I write a deli review without trying their pastrami or corned beef sandwich? I can’t. I had to return. But, it was breakfast again. And this time with 12 people. The place was packed, but somehow they found us a table quickly. It was a cold day and coffee was offered quickly as each person sat down at the table.

I tried the Shulman Roger’s Deli Omelette made with corned beef, pastrami and muenster cheese. It was seriously amazing. I was also able to snag a bite of a friend’s reuben. So now I fee like I can honestly review Brooklyn’s Deli.

If you are looking for the service and quality you get from a New Jersey Deli, go check out Brooklyn’s Deli at 1089 Seven Locks Road, Potomac, MD 20854. It’s in the Park Potomac neighborhood in Potomac, Maryland.

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2 thoughts on “Eating in Potomac – Brooklyn’s Deli”

  1. My family went to Brooklyn’s Deli again today at lunch time. The servers passed out bowls of pickles to each table and I finally had a reuben all to myself. It was fantastic. My husband loves, and now craves, their french toast. You should really give it a try.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about brooklyns deli.


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